Enterprise Patient Matching Helps KeyHIE Establish Integrated Network of Accurate, Accessible Health Records and Drive Down Duplicate Record Rate to Less than 1%


Create an integrated network of accurate and accessible patient data across their diverse enterprise of: 

  • 29 hospitals
  • 369 physician practices
  • 35 home health locations
  • 90 long term care facilities
  • 18 pharmacies
  • 19 urgent care clinics


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Quick stats:

Founded by Geisinger Health System in 2005, KeyHIE is a national model of success for fully-connected care that connects with over 4,000 healthcare providers across 500+ member organizations. They serve more than 5.8 million patients across 59 counties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

After implementing NextGate's market-leading enterprise master patient index (EMPI), KeyHIE realized the following
  • Linked over 10 million EHR records across 59 counties
  • Automated patient matching to reduce their duplicate record rate to less than 1%
  • Saved 743 hours of manual record remediation per month
  • Instilled trust and confidence from providers in the quality and accuracy of patient data

Download the KeyHIE Case Study to learn how one of the nation's most successful health information exchanges has partnered with NextGate to align 5.8 million unique patients for improved care management, clinical workflow and a consolidated record of each patient using an EMPI.